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Church Sponsored Children

We are pleased to announce that our Church now sponsors three children through ICCM – International Child Care Ministries.

-Sreyrath Sorl is 9 yrs old. She lives with her mother and father who work in a factory. Sreyrath also has a brother and sister.

-Kimyung is 13 and lives with his sister and father and mother who are farmers. He loves soccer and music.

-Seav Yong Sokly is 8 years old. She lives with her father and mother who are both farmers. Seav has a brother and she loves dolls and drawing.


Each of the three children attend the study centers Srayrath and Kinyung the House of Peace and Seav the House of Joy. They love receiving letters from sponsors, so please feel free to write to any of the children. Why not send them a birthday card or pictures or make a special financial donation to their community. For more details please see Susan Lovell or Paula Moriarity.

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