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Cornerstone Community Church Almonte has been active with several mission trips over the years

They have included trips to:

-Mississippi, USA in 2005, 2006 and 2007 for hurricaine Katrina reflief

-Cambodia in 2018 and 2008 for fact-finding and working. We continue to support the mission work done there.

-Haiti in 2010 for earthquake relief

Cambodia Christmas Card Appeal

The first Sunday in September parents cringe and children's eyes light up because they know Christmas is coming to Cornerstone Community Church, Almonte. That’s when we start our Cambodian Christmas Card Appeal.

It started in 2009 the year after 3 members of our church went to Cambodia on a missions trip. The plan was to help on a new building project but God had other ideas and brought us to the House of Love. We spent our time with the children there, and also visited the houses of Joy and Peace. The 'Houses' are attached to churches and children receive a meal each day and learn in a Christian environment, getting an addition to the basic state education system. We wanted to help, but how? then God provided the answer. So each year in September we sell Christmas cards at $5 each. People write a message in the cards, encouraging the children and letting them know that people half way around the world in Canada care. Cards get shipped to Cambodia in early November and the money is sent, so that gifts can be purchased locally for each of the children in the programs. Its such a blessing when we receive pictures of the children with their gifts and cards, probably the only ones they get.

The Mississippi Connection

In 2005, 2006 and 2007 a group from Cornerstone Community Church travelled to Pass Christian, Mississippi, USA to provide Hurricaine Katrina Relief. The members of Cornerstone partnered with the first Free Methodist church in Mississippi. We provided clean up aid during the first visit. The following two years we helped many families with home repairs. Pass Christian, as many other cities affected by Katrina, was innondated with contractors who took money from residents but failed to provide the services they were paid for. The connections made over those three years still exist as Pass Christian continues to heal after Katrina.

Supporting Children at Christmas time since 2009

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